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Montgomery County, PA Community Action Development Commission

VITA - Free Tax Preparation Services

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  • Open

CADCOM's VITA program  offers free Federal and State tax preparation with secure electronic filing and direct deposit in approximately 10 days; along with other related service at our Norristown and Willow Grove sites.  All of our tax preparers are IRS trained and certified.

This free serice is offered on location to taxpayers with incomes up to $53,000.  However, other restrictions may also apply as certain types of income "out of scope" for VITA services.

Drop-off service is also available.

For service in Norristown during the regular tax preparation season (January through April 15th), please call 211 or (610) 277-6363, ext 115 for an appointment.

For service in Willow Grove during the regular tax preparation season (January through April 15th), please call 211 or (215) 366-5643 for an appointment.

Year round appointments are available on a limited basis at CADCOM's Norristown office by calling 610-277-6363.  Those calling for appointments after the regular tax preparation season must comply with all VITA requirements (income below $52,000 and all income sources falling within the scope of VITA activity), produce government issued photo identifications for all taxpayers and social security cards for ALL individuals to be listed on a tax return.   Finally, we are only able prepare tax returns going back 3 years.

Taxpayers with incomes up to $57,000 who wish to prepare their taxes at home using our free web service, please log on to myfreetaxes.com/cadcom for professionally assisted service.  We may also be able to assist clients at CADCOM with the online serve.  Please call (610) 277-6363 ext 181.

CADCOM has been providing totally free VITA services for over 10 years and has returned approximately $1,900,000.00 in refunds to our clents in 2014 alone!

Free ITIN services also available for VITA clients through our Certified ITIN Accepting Agent.



Do you earn less than $53,000 a year?

If you own a small business with less than $5,000 in expenses?

Then you are qualified (with few exceptions regarding certain types of income)!

During the regular tax preparation season (January through April 15th) , call 211 or (610) 277-6363 ext 115 for an appointment.  For limited appointments all year round, please call 610-277-6363.


Income Guidelines

CADCOM's VITA program provides tax preparation services to individuals and families earning less that $52,000 in annual income.


There are no fees involved. VITA is a free service to working individuals, families and other clients.

What Does the Program Provide?

VITA puts money back into the pockets of families working to pay bills and maintain their households. In 2013, our tax preparers at CADCOM returned approximately $1.7 million in refunds to our VITA cllients at no charge.