Montgomery County, PA Community Action Development Commission

Service Detail

This is a Crisis Service
  • Program Status: Closed

Helping to Move Homeless Clients into Permanent Housing

The Homeless Services/Supportive Housing Program (SHP) is designed to help those without permanent housing become independent and self-supportive.  If all requirements are met, the program can provide financial assistance toward a security deposit to assist individuals who are in shelters or on the streets obtain permanent housing.

In addition, the Homeless Program refers clients for other services including Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Adult Education, Employment and Child Care services. 


  • Client must be a resident of Montgomery County and is either;
  1. in a shelter
  2. in transitional housing
  3. staying on the streets
  4. facing eviction
  5. needs to relocate due to recent domestic violence
  6. living in overcrowded or unsafe conditions. 
  • In order to get housing assistance, the rental unit must be in Montgomery County. 
  • The rental unit must have: its own private entrance, kitchen and bathroom.  

Income Guidelines

Clients must show that their income can support rental payments on an ongoing basis.



What Does the Program Provide?

The program can provide financial assistance toward security deposit to assist individuals who are in shelters or on the streets to obtain permanent housing. 

Tokens for transportation are also provided to allow clients to attend appointments and job interviews.  As they make the transition to independency, clients may also receive financial assistance to purchase necessary items for their homes such as small appliances, cleaning supplies and linens.

The Homeless Service coordinator provides case management to each client including follow-ups and site visitations. 

This program does not pay for application fees, credit checks, key deposits, pet deposits, cleaning deposit, deposit to hold the unit or last month’s rent.

No security deposits will be issued until all paperwork and inspections have been completed. All units must be inspected by CADCOM before the client can take occupancy.

If the municipality requires the landlord have a certificate of occupancy or rental license, CADCOM will need a copy of the document.

CADCOM also assists the client in preparing a budget to ensure that their housing goals are attainable.