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Montgomery County, PA Community Action Development Commission

Fatherhood Empowerment Center

  • Program Status: Open

Empowering, Education, and Supporting Men

The CADCOM Fatherhood Empowerment Center is a resource that is offered to men at no cost.  We are dedicated to empowering, educating, supporting and challenging men to become stronger, more positive forces within their own families and communities.

We encourage men to be role models and want to provide the leadership, social, emotional and spiritual guidance that is needed to nurture our children.


To be eligible for this program you must be a willing man, not just a "Father" 

It is important for us as men to understand that we learn from each other and... what we learn, we pass on the the young people whos lives we influence. The CADCOM fatherhood Initiative follows the "Each One, Teach One" Philosophy. What are you teaching the children that see YOU as a leader??

Income Guidelines


This is a Free program.

What Does the Program Provide?

We offer group meetings and individual couseling sessions.Through weekly meetings in a group setting, Fatherhood Empowerment strives to rekindle the values that allowed men and families to prosper for generations.  The program gives men the opportunity to communicate with other likeminded men who believe that we should all have a responsibility and a desire to leave a positive legacy for our children. 

Within this support system, we can strengthen our children as inidviduals, and they can then in turn strengthen our communities and our future generations.

Program Background and Details

Men must understand that there are things that only they can teach their children.  There are many men out there who are "Fathers" of children.  But, how many of them are "Dads"?  Dads have the natural ability to be caring, understanding and nurturing.  Not all fathers have that, but it is in them. 

All children deserve to have a Father Figure involved in their lives; a man that gives them a sense of emotional security.  Dads are special, we should consider ourselves fortunate to have young lives to influence and care for; our children depend on us.