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Farmer's Market Vouchers


This program is primarily aimed at helping small farmers increase sales.  The program provides income eligible seniors with food vouchers that can be used at participating Farmers’ Markets. 

***Please bring proof of age and address with you.


An individual/couple is eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • At least 60 years old by December 31st of the current year

  • A resident of Montgomery County

  • Annual income below

                      Single - $22,311

                      Couple - $30,044


Program Contact Information

Food Resource Center  610.277.6363 x123

Program Fact Sheet

Program Sponsors/Funding

PA Department of Agriculture

Montgomery County Aging & Adult Services

What Does the Program Provide?


This program provides income eligible seniors with $20 in checks that can be spent at participating Farmers’ Markets.  A couple is eligible for $40 in checks.  You can get, and use, your voucher at anticipating farmer's markets, including the Norristown Farmers Market.  Vouchers must be used by the end November.

Program Background and Details


This program began as an expansion of a similar program offered for WIC recipients and has been wildly popular. It is paid for with money from state and federal sources. Locally it is administrated by our favorite partners, the Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services, and we do what we can to assist.

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