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Application Renewals  
As of 1/1/2021, applications are no longer automatically renewed. Please reach out to your SNAP coordinator 30 days before the expiration of your benefits. 

Document Verification   
Document verification is still required.  However proof of rent/mortgage is not necessary unless questionable.  Applicants are encouraged to use the MyCompass app, fax 610-270-1980 or Email: C-MCAONOR@PA.GOV to upload documents.  Applicants can self attest if they cannot furnish proof of job termination.  Applicants can also self attest to any documentation needed  if unable to furnish proof.  Case workers will reach out to individuals with unclear/questionable applications and those missing documentation awaiting approval of application.


Interviews are no longer waived until further notice.


All counties in Pennsylvania have waived  the Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents rule.  ABAWD'S can now receive on going benefits pass their 3 months capitation.


College Students
DHS is waiting on a waiver to bypass the work requirement for college students.  They are having trouble getting authority to waive the current eligibility process.  Unsure of if or when this waiver will be approved.

Additional Information:

There will be an increase to SNAP benefits by 15%

The new $300 pandemic unemployment will not be counted as income towards SNAP.

Income will be based on the last 30 days of income reported. 

Program Contact Information

Mathew Williams
SNAP Outreach Coordinator
610-277-6363  x140

Providing Nutrition Assistance

This is the most important program for fighting hunger in the United States.  It used to be called the Food Stamp program, but the name has now changed to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.  This change is to promote the nutrition benefits and reflects that it is now easier than ever to apply.  

CADCOM has contracted with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to provide SNAP information services and enroll people for SNAP benefits. CADCOM staff travel throughout the county helping eligible people receive SNAP, but we can also enroll you over the phone.  Depending on how many are in your family a phone enrollment will take 20-45 minutes.


Eligibility is 160% of poverty for most indiduals and families.  However, if your household includes someone who is disabled, or 60 years of age, the eligibility level increases to 200%.  Check our eligibility table to find your allowable income based on household size. 

If you are a little bit over, don't be discouraged.  You may have circumstances such as medical bills that will make you eligible.

If you have been denied in the past, you may be eligible now due to rule changes since 2009.

Please note: Only U.S. citizens can receive SNAP or legal residents who have been here for 5 years or more.   If you are not a citizen, but your children are citizens, you may apply for the children.

SNAP_Income_Elig (002).jpg


Who is an ABAWD?

1. Age 18 - 49

2. Does not live with children

3. Is able to work

4. Is working less than 20 hours/week


You may continue with SNAP if you:

· Are in school or taking classes at least part time

· Are pregnant

· Are applying for or getting Unemployment

· Are in a drug and alcohol treatment program

· Care for a disabled family member

· Are not able to work


How can I keep my SNAP?

1. Work 20+ hours/week

2. Do job training 20+ hours/week

3. Volunteer 26 hours/month

What Does the Program Provide?

The SNAP Outreach Coordinator can assist with: enrollment in the SNAP Program, pre-screening to determine eligibility, conflict resolution with the County Assistance Office, and information on your rights.

We also provide training for organizations who wish to offer these services to their clients.

Please note: although CADCOM can help you with an application, only the local County Assistance Offices can approve and distribute SNAP benefits.

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